Introductory Consultation - by phone
One-on-one consultation with a licensed therapist. Contact us.

15 minutes — Complimentary

Empowering Lifestyle Support - online
Connect with a licensed therapist via Skype, Messenger, or Face Time to support your wellness plan, search resolution for challenges, offer guided meditation, and/or update your home exercise or yoga plan.

60 minutes — $90 ($22.50/15 mins)

Gentle Touch Release
Body Work - in person ( Ventura interim salon only)
Offered by a licensed therapist (Occupational Therapist, Speech Pathologist, or Physical Therapist) with a blend of Myofascial Release, gentle muscle release, Reiki, and facilitated stretches incorporating the breath to enhance posture and alignment, alleviate pain, and improve ability to move and function in daily life

45 minutes — $90 ($30/15 mins)

Integrative Wellness Therapy Sessions in person (Ventura interim salon, in-home or in the community)
An individualized blend of western therapy and complementary techniques, provided by a licensed therapist (Occupational Therapist, Speech Pathologist, or Physical Therapist) with a whole person view of: rehabilitation and wellness, daily activities, ergonomics, sensory needs, breath techniques, mindfulness-meditation, cognitive strategies, Gentle Touch Release body alignment, and easy-adapted yoga-based movements. Each session is shaped according to goals, needs and preferences. We can go to where the need is most: home, park, library, classes, workplace, etc.

75 minutes — $150 per session ($30/15 mins)

Body, Breath and Brain ℠ (Ventura interim salon, or in-home)
This treatment is provided by a licensed therapist (Occupational Therapist, Speech Pathologist, or Physical Therapist) and focuses on neurological conditions (such as post-stroke and Parkinson’s) and dementia, and incorporates the whole body to facilitate deeper and broader changes in the body, as compared to traditional western therapy alone. This system of therapy has also worked effectively with cognitive dysfunction, executive dysfunction and processing challenges and attention deficit disorders.

75 minutes — $150 per session ($30/15 mins)

Please note: in order to provide the highest quality of therapeutic intervention, we maintain a “concierge” service. We maintain our costs comparable to a typical massage or salon treatment with benefits that empower lifestyle changes. This allows us to focus on providing comprehensive, personalized care and cutting-edge intervention techniques. We do not contract with insurance companies, in order to direct and maintain our attention on what the client, family and caregiver truly want and need to empower a life well-lived. Once you have paid for your individualized treatment session from one of our licensed therapists, you may receive a “super bill” that you can submit to your insurance company. If you have reimbursement questions, please contact your insurance provider. We will do our utmost to help facilitate reimbursement, but as it is up to your insurance company, we cannot guarantee it. Please let us know if you have further questions.