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Integrating the Art and Science of Health and Well Living

New space in Ventura opening January 2020

Integrative? A group of licensed health care providers with a holistic view of wellness, working in collaboration with art therapists, movement specialists, as well as other complementary practitioners. We blend traditional western therapy with complementary arts and wellness techniques, in an inclusive and inter-generational social setting, for transformation of body, mind and spirit.

Across the Lifespan! We employ a fresh and unique approach to therapy (across the lifespan) that provides deep life changes through intensive, individually tailored, and clinically therapeutic intervention for the whole person and their physical and social settings.

Practical Solutions to Tough Challenges! We specialize in significant health and lifestyle challenges, such as: Stroke, Parkinson’s, dementia, brain injury, ADHD, behavior concerns, executive function and processing problems, sensory issues, anxiety, OCD, depression, chronic pain and obstinate physical concerns, as well as the day-to-day challenges of trying to develop and maintain healthy habits.

Our therapeutic trademark “Integrative Wellness Therapy” empowers people with increased self-awareness and specific strategies to support lasting life changes through blending western therapies and complementary techniques in a collaborative manner.

Our community wellness classes support day-to-day well-being and continued improvements through yoga, art, dance, music, meditation, movement, bodywork, Ayurveda and other complementary therapies.

Through these social-emotional-physical benefits we:

Cultivate efficacy and resilience ~ Promote inter-generation connections ~ Bring meaning to therapy ~ Support a life well-lived

Currently under construction at the old “Avenue Hardware”

Continuing the spirit of individualized help and being a community resource for ‘building’ —

Wellness of person and community

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Blending Western Therapy with Complementary Techniques

Our own fresh approach to therapy! Our evidence-informed Integrative Wellness Therapy method and philosophy takes the concepts of “holistic” and “biopsychosocial” to a deeper, broader level of wellness. This unique style of intervention joins: traditional therapy practices, gentle body work, neuromuscular facilitation, therapeutic yoga, lifestyle coaching, mindfulness, meditation, self-awareness, spirituality, self-compassion as well as the individual’s meaning and purpose in life.

For your child, your parent or yourself. Our individualized and comprehensive treatment sessions provide deep life changes through intensive, individually tailored, and clinically therapeutic intervention for the whole person and their physical and social settings. Our therapists (Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Physical Therapy, Yoga Therapy, Psychology Therapy, and Social Work) honor the inseparable nature of the human system and each body's inherent wisdom in restoring balance.

Making the “impossible” POSSIBLE! Our clients express to us that through our IWT interventions, they have moved much beyond the limitations they were left with following a more traditional therapy setting. They are better able to implement small changes for bigger results. Hope and engagement in life returns as the personally distressing limitations are addressed head-on with intensity. Our program is rooted in the individual's own nature, manifested through personal and intrinsic motivation, and brought to fruition through guided support to provide:

Empowering solutions ~ Achievement of meaningful improvements ~ Doing what you want and need to do in daily life



  • Comprehensive Sessions -- 75 mins direct therapy allows for deeper assimilation

  • Licensed Clinicians -- Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Physical Therapy, Psychology

  • Yoga Therapy -- using breath with gentle modified movements (by certified or licensed therapists)

  • Expressive Arts Classes -- Group classes or privates with art therapists (Coming 2020)

  • Gentle bodywork: All Ages & Abilities -- tailored for alignment, release and integration of the body

  • Sensory Integration -- based on A. Jean Ayres’ theory

  • Home or Community Based Therapy -- wherever the service is desired

  • Home Modification Consultation -- Aging-In-Place, Sensory supporting environments, dementia support

  • Lectures -- local and national, including CEU courses with PESI, a foremost leader in continuing education

  • Workshops -- teachers, school districts, parents, assisted living homes, service organizations

  • Consultation & Collaboration -- teachers, parents, doctors, other providers

  • Retreats -- specialized groups, clergy, arts in wellness, and more

  • On-Line Support -- to facilitate integration into everyday life

  • Specializing in: Executive Dysfunction, Attention Deficit Disorders/ADHD, Social Skills, Angelman Syndrome, Post-Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury, Dementia, Parkinson’s, Sensory Integration and Processing Disorders, and Emotional Dis-regulation: Anxiety and Depression, Handwriting & Fine Motor, Neuromuscular Facilitation, Myofascial Release, Gentle Touch Release, Reiki, Mindfulness and Meditation

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Foundational Concepts

Achieve life-style goals through a well-researched and clinically practiced philosophy.

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By truly and deeply supporting one person at a time, inspiring them for their own meaning and purpose, and promoting a life well lived, we can contribute toward a flourishing community. The healthy community in turn supports the individual in their well-being
— Lorelei Woerner, OTR/L, E-RYT500, C-IAYT